Grand Final

  • THP the rule of the governing AI, with elections on priorities over, traditional representative democracy
  • Semifinals

  • TH, as a feminist hacker, would seek to disrupt tradwife spaces (for example, by methods such as DDos, phishing, defacement)
  • Quarterfinals

  • THW spend the significant majority of foreign development aid on interventions proven to be effective by RCT.
  • Round 5

  • THW forbid universities in the US from accepting research funding from China
  • Round 4

  • THW grant all nation states the right to veto any transfer, out of their country, of art which is deemed to be cultural heritage
  • Round 3

  • THW incentivize work from home (*not only for the duration of the pandemic)
  • Round 2

  • THR Twitter adding a fact-check function.
  • Round 1

  • THW implement the Teacher Independence Model in schools for children aged over 12.